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TYC Ayurvedic Hair Care Kit

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Ayurvedic Hair care kit which offers a regime of 4 Steps to give your hair and scalp a 24 hour protection and caters to every aspect of hair & scalp health. Clinically Tested.

The 4 unique products offer constant support for your scalp and hair in multiple ways i.e blocking DHT, moistening and locking moisture in the hair, controlling hair loss, promoting hair growth, making the scalp and hair healthy.

- TYC Rasayana Hair Lepa with Saw Palmetto and Green Tea 

- TYC Herbal Hair Growth Oil with Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, Pea Sprout and Onion 

- TYC Anti DHT Shampoo with Saw palmetto, Liquorous, Green Tea, coffee, lactic acid and argan oil 

- TYC Herbal Hair Growth Kashaya, a water based Hair Serum

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