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TYC Brazilian Clay Mask Acne Control 100 gms

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Price ₹ 445.54
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TYC Brazilian Clay Mask is infused with brazilian clay and phyto nutrients which make it perfect for sensitive skin. The mask helps fight acne, closes open pores, repairs premature scars, soothes sunburn and detan the skin instantly. Free from Parabens, Alcohols & Formaldehyde


TYC Red Clay Mask 100 gms

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Price ₹ 445.54
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TYC Brightening Red Clay Mud Face Mask for a Brighter & Glowing Skin. Purifying & Even Skin Tone

TYC Red Clay Mask purifies, cleanses and nourishes the skin. Combined with the skin lightening properties of Baobab, Shehtooth, Badam the potion regulates the skin natural oil balance giving a radiant look, smooth and even skin tone. It is free from Sulphates, parabens and formaldehyde. 

TYC Green Mud Mask 100 gms

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Price ₹ 445.54
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TYC Green Mud Anti-aging Face Mask (100 g). Firms sagging facial skin, eliminates dead cells, deep cleanses. For a radiant glow and youthful skin.

TYC Green Mud Mask contains mineral rich green clay which combined with age defying properties of Baobab, Nimbha leaf, sarja, haridra helps to firm facial sagging skin, reduces wrinkle formation, eliminates dead cells, deep cleanses. Gives you a radiant glow and youthful skin. It is free from Sulphates, parabens and formaldehyde.

TYC Charcoal Clay Mask 100 gms

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Price ₹ 445.54
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Charcoal Mask for Natural Skin Repair, Deep cleansing, Dirt & Pollution Repair

Regular use of the deep cleansing Charcoal clay mask helps in detoxifying the facial skin and releases the toxins thereby destressing. Give yourself a youthful energetic look.

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