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TYC, Trust Your choice was born with Science. Ayurveda, a science of methodology, a science of the right mixing of ingredients, a science of blending of herbs , the science of effective herbs.

TYC, Trust Your choice is not kitchen derived, not a Do it yourself formula, it is backed with powerful science of each herb which goes into a product.  An evidence derived product portfolio which is honest in what it delivers and a brand which you can always Trust.

A well-read team of research scientists, founded by Mrs. Rashmi Rajpal, a cosmetic engineer by profession is the brainchild of TYC.

“Every ingredient whether it is an herb or a plant based chemical, has its own mind and behavior. We, at TYC do intensive behavior reading of each of the ingredient. Now, when I say behavior reading we mean that each ingredient has its own phyto nutrients or phytochemicals which have the potent or effective characteristic.  We try and combine each phytonutrient with another, the result can be sometimes more surprising than expected. “adds Rashmi.

Lets take an example of the research journey for our Hair care product category –Lepas.  In traditional or classical Ayurveda, a lepa is a raw paste of herbs which is derived from cooking and thickening herbs in oil for hours and hours together. These lepas are difficult to use can be really messy on hair. Earlier, these lepas were made separately for each hair indication and for different types of hair. Infact, you will be surprised to know , there are some ingredients like Jatamansi, which show more effectiveness when hand pounded than machine pulverized. 

We, at TYC , created the similar look of the lepa and combined extremely potent herbs together with different oils and stabilized it into a beautiful product. Each lepa has the potential to allow super nourishment to one’s hair. 

Each ingredient is treated with love and care, and who understands this better than women! We, at TYC are an ALL WOMEN GROUP, which handle all procedures from hand pounding, pulverization, curing  and final manufacturing of products. 

“Certainly, our beauty industry need effective and authentic products especially for skin and hair” narrates Sumeet Rajpal, marketing director of TYC. “Our aim at TYC is to spread the message of Scientific Ayurveda and its benefits. We want to educate all the people to can benefit from the Truth of Ayurveda.” We believe in imbibing strict and straightforward rules when it comes to marketing. No misleading facts, just plain honest Ayurveda”, he adds.

Come join us in the Journey towards effective and blessed Ayurveda, which we feel has still unknown potential to heal you, to repair your skin and products which understand you in all ways.

Welcome to TYC!!

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