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  • - Prepared with essential nutrients like Lavender, Almond Oil, Olive oil and Cocoa Butter and enriched with the goodness of Baobab protein.
  • - Baobab Hair Conditioner helps restore, revive and vitalize all types of hair making them strikingly shiny, smooth and bouncy.
  • - Delivers intense conditioning - TYC Baobab Hair conditioner delivers deep moisture, softening and smoothing down hair cuticles to deliver silky soft and very glossy hair. Split ends, breakage, frizz, flyaway no more.
  • - Every application makes hair smoother, stronger and softer than before.
  • - Heals damage inflicted by pollution, heat and colour treatments styling irons, hairdryers, colouring dyes, dust and dirt your hair suffers untold damage every day from heat, chemicals and pollution.
  • - TYC hair conditioner works by optimizing natural oil balance of hair and scalp. That's the reason it is suitable for all hair types.
  • - This Product is also available on Amazon.

After Shampooing squeeze approx. 10 ml of the conditioner and apply along the length of your wet hair from base to tip and massage gently. Leave on the hair for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly


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TYC Baobab Hair Conditioner 300 ML

Babob Hair Conditioner with Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Lavendar Extract, Cocoa Butter for refreshing, soothing shiny, smooth and bouncy hair
The natural and nourishing combination of Baobab, Lavender flowers and Cocoa Butter present in TYC Baobab Hair conditioner deliver deep moisture, softening and smoothing down hair cuticles to give silky soft, untangled and very glossy hair.

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